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FIFA 16: the Arsenal players

I usually make 2 career saves, one where I start with Arsenal and sign the best/youngest players I can get and make a super team just for shits and gigs, and then the more serious one where I don't accept any transfers and just keep the current squad and develop the youngsters in my Fifa 16 account. Really looking forward to seeing how good Bellerin gets. Will also be interesting to see what they put Coq at, along with his potential. Same with Gabriel. There's going to be so much tactical flexibility with all the depth now, too. All the progress individuals have made this season has made me irrationally excited for a video game now haha

going with our Starting 11;
Giroud - 82 with a plus 3 from a disgraceful 79 rating
Ozil - 87, maybe warrants a plus 1 increase?

Sanchez - 87, speaks for himself really, especially if Hazard is already an 88 
Cazorla - 85, think thats a plus 1 considering a solid season
Ramsey - 82, not at his best so gave him a -1,simply due to the slight drop off in performances compared to last season

Coq - 77, pretty decent upgrade considering but lets not get ahead of ourselves here, it has only been half a season

Monreal - 79/80, been solid throughout and definitely deserves the upgrade
Kos - 83, seems fair, up there with the top BPL defenders

Mert - 82, obviously dropped off a bit compared with last season, but has still had a decent season when paired with Kos / Gabriel
Bellerin - 74, unfortunately I wouldn't put him as a gold just due to the fact of how big a leap it'd be, but who knows

Ospina - 80, pretty solid with the occasional wobble, not the best in the league but by far no means the worst

Scz-79 or 80 Ospina-80 or 81 (I don't really rate both as top keepers but a lot of people here would put Ospina as 82 or 83 probably)

Debuchy-80 Bellerin-73 (higher on current form but it's only been one season plus this way he's a cheeky rare silver) Jenko-75

Kos-83 or 84 Per-82 Gabriel-80 Chambers-75 (at CB not RB)
Gibbs-79 Monreal-79

Coq-77 with a 2016 January upgrade if he keeps this up next season and continues to prove this is a base level not form Arteta-79 Flamini-75 Diaby-74
Rosicky-80 or 81 Wilshere-81 Ramsey-82 Santi-85 or 86 and at CAM or CM not LM Özil-87 (but will be 86 probably)

Alexis-86 Theo-81 Ox-80 Welbeck-79 or 78, probably at LM
Giroud-81 or 82

EDIT: Don't really care what Ozil's overall is, but they really need to buy Fifa 16 coins. When he's simply unable to latch onto through balls or gets hawked by players who are undoubtedly much slower in real life it enrages the ever-living shit out of me. Also, having to sub him out of games early or being forced to sit him for the next game (barring a week break) is extremely annoying. Fix that shit FIFA

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