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I really don't think the problem is that EA can't do anything... it has more to do with the fact that EA hasn't really made any real effort to fix it. a reddit member thatfloppy made the anti-cheat program for PC last year and he decided not to make one for this year... When he was asked why on the EA forum, this is what he had to say.

The truth is that they never tried. Their game is designed around and for consoles on the assumptions that clients can't do bad things. That assumption is not true on PC and since the game is P2P there's no authority, servers can't easily tell "who's the bad guy". There are some "easy" fixes that they could try: serverside checks on timestamps winrate and playtime, statistical infererence on match reports and maybe some memory obfuscation. 

Those would end 95% of the actual cheating but that would * off the hackers and that could lead to even bigger problems, especially since the gam ... Read more »

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