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My guess is that the matchmaking is designed for more than just giving you a fair match.

Sure, you'll get matches in your division against other players with a similar skill level.

But I also think that matchmaking also takes into account connection quality. I don't know about you guys, but I'd rather play someone a little bit better or worse with a solid connection than play someone on the other side of the world that has an identical skill level, but has an absolutely shitty connection that makes the game a lag fest.

Also, I think EA wants to keep your Fifa 16 account safe. I bet they put you against a bunch of players at a lower skill level than you so that you win a bunch of matches in a row, and then after going on a big winning streak, they put you against better players until eventually they put you back against inferior players. Half the games you play will be against players at your actual skill level, so when you're being put against ... Read more »

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