The Elder Scrolls Online is a very capable MMORPG, and one that does offer a good challenge to other titles in the genre. Thanks to the Elder Scrolls features it injects into the MMO mold with cheap eso gold, it plays and feels very different to other major MMORPGs, and the PvP is very enjoyable, adding a whole new spin to the game. It's got the in-depth features we've come to expect from persistent, open world MMOs, and it's got a lot of potential yet to be touched on. With some changes to the convoluted and restrictive guild system, it could really shine.  

With that said, I did find the PvP design to work very well, and the idea of fighting for control of keeps and castles to bolster your member's skills and acquire rare materials is interesting. The Alliance War back story is used to explain this, hence the need to choose your allegiance when you create a character, and the way PvE and PvP is se ... Read more »

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Now, Fifa 16 have shown the biggest and newest stuff about their gameplay. But what I am really curious about is wether they heavily improved their manager mode or need more fifa ultimate coins.

If they had done this, do you think they would include this in the "What's new" part they are doing now? Or do you guys think this will be revealed at a later stage?

If anyone has the memory to think back to earlier Fifa releases, if they did announce new stuff (gamemode wise) in the early stages, or if they did announce these later.

I will be buying Fifa 16 nontheless, but I am super excited for Manager mode and I really hope that they have taken the time to improve it. (If anyone remembers fut16coin was the OP of a post a while back that was making a lot of suggestions on what Fifa 16 could improve for manager-mode. It was on the front-page ... Read more »

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People are acting as if a Legend card in FIFA is the ultimate way of deciding the best players of all time, calm down folks. Of course there are players who had far better ability, but it's just a card in FIFA and these should be lower rated legends and therefore give us more options to use, it's not like this is voting for the Ballon d'Or or something that really matters, it's just adding two new cards that we didn't have before.

I just do not get it either. So you have to be the most elite player of all time to become a legend in game? You have someone like Tim Cahill who leads a nation, scores in world cups, win trophies and carried us into fantastic results who suddenly cannot be a legend because he is not worthy of cheapest fifa coins? He could be 80 rated and I'd buy his card ASAP.

Beyond the fact I'm American, I'm quite okay with each country getting a little shine like this. Like I would ... Read more »

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I am an old player in FFXIV. Not only for me but also my friends in game, buying FFXIV Gil is common. Of course, most of us are busy in working during daytime, we couldn’t play too late at night. It is very kind for us to buy FFXIV Gil directly. Now I will say something about FFXIV4GIL the site ffxiv4gil choose.

In fact, the first time I bought FF14 Gil was not at FFXIV4GIL. I choose a site at Google at random. Oh god! It is a terrible experience for me. From paying for my order, I waited for my gil for a long long time till a late hour. Before paying my order, I really asked their Live Chat, they told me that I didn’t need to wait for long. But after delivery, it was very late, I also needed to go to work the next day. After that experience, I didn’t buy gil for long till a friend recommended me FFXIV4GIL.

It is very necessary for me to buy FFXIV Gil. I prefer to take all of the gaming time to farm in new dungeons. Before I bought gil at FFXIV4GIL, ... Read more »

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I have been playing FUT since Nov 2014, and have 3 average teams (Seria A, Bundesliga, BPL) with 120,000...ish saved, but the next tier of player's that would improve my team are ridiculously expensive (Di Maria,Robben,Ribery,etc.) It seems that to improve my teams, i will have to spend REAL money on either Coins or points, and in my mind that just doesn't seem right?

I see what you mean - ive played people who I know I can beat - put it into seasons and matched squads and yes probably win top fifa coins. Give them a few OP players in UT and they're scoring long shots that you might only get 1/10 with your cheap squad. I just find that you have to put the extra effort in to nutralise those OP players

You could say that about any player regardless of price. Take Doumbia for example, he is a relatively cheap player but there have been games where my opponent has scored multiple goals with him and got the win. It isn't "pay to win" because in t ... Read more »

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Yeah, I basically stopped trying to convince the community that all of this is good. The community is in bad shape right now - massive bitching about every change (many of which were suggested before all of this started as positive change). One huge problem is that all the YouTubers rail against every little change and warp perceptions. As posted before, it's a bit shameless, as they know it's their ill-begotten revenue stream taking huge hits, so they lash out and try to make people hate EA. But I do find it humorous when they follow up "THE END OF FUT" video with "TOP 10 GOALS" video. They're not biting the hand that feeds, they're trying to know it off for some unknown reason.

I was really sceptical about the price ranges at first and I still am. However you can't deny the fact that EA has done a good job so far to prevent coin selling.

I appreciate this, although in my opinion they still need to update the price ranges more ... Read more »

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Also, let's not forget Career Mode
-Better AI managers and transfers (as in more realistic).even sacking poorly preforming AI managers.

-Be able to see the top players in the world. As if a professional manager wouldn't know the top 25 or even 50 players in the world, it's too hard to know who are the best players in the world after a few seasons.

-Better scouting and transfers, show potential of fully scouted players.
-Upgrade stadiums:but make it a really big deal like you'll have to take a lower budget for a year or two but then a really big budget when you're settled, also include real life stadium upgrades like west ham to Olympic stadium or Anfield increase.

-Change jersey, even just once after a few seasons.
-Be able to set your style of play a lot better like football manager I know you can kind of now but even more in depth.

-Other teams play there style of play e.g. Swansea play possession or Barca's ... Read more »

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I usually make 2 career saves, one where I start with Arsenal and sign the best/youngest players I can get and make a super team just for shits and gigs, and then the more serious one where I don't accept any transfers and just keep the current squad and develop the youngsters in my Fifa 16 account. Really looking forward to seeing how good Bellerin gets. Will also be interesting to see what they put Coq at, along with his potential. Same with Gabriel. There's going to be so much tactical flexibility with all the depth now, too. All the progress individuals have made this season has made me irrationally excited for a video game now haha

going with our Starting 11;
Giroud - 82 with a plus 3 from a disgraceful 79 rating
Ozil - 87, maybe warrants a plus 1 increase?

Sanchez - 87, speaks for himself really, especially if Hazard is already an 88 
Cazorla - 85, think thats a plus 1 considering a solid season
Ramsey - 82, not at his best ... Read more »

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I really don't think the problem is that EA can't do anything... it has more to do with the fact that EA hasn't really made any real effort to fix it. a reddit member thatfloppy made the anti-cheat program for PC last year and he decided not to make one for this year... When he was asked why on the EA forum, this is what he had to say.

The truth is that they never tried. Their game is designed around and for consoles on the assumptions that clients can't do bad things. That assumption is not true on PC and since the game is P2P there's no authority, servers can't easily tell "who's the bad guy". There are some "easy" fixes that they could try: serverside checks on timestamps winrate and playtime, statistical infererence on match reports and maybe some memory obfuscation. 

Those would end 95% of the actual cheating but that would * off the hackers and that could lead to even bigger problems, especially since the gam ... Read more »

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I would love a "Be A Manager" type of mode. I know career mode is basically this, but I don't have any attachment to the manager himself. I'm playing career mode for the team and rarely do I jump teams.

I'd love to be able to design a manager's features the way you do with with a Pro in Be A Pro, even down to appearance. Perhaps even going so far as to develop a backstory (former professional or not, position, disposition, what level of play, etc.). This could be combined with certain skill trees and abilities like contract negotiation, youth recruitment, tactical knowledge, negotiating with the board, talking to the media, player training, and you could hire your own staff that you could bring with you when you move on to bigger things.

I just think it would give more incentive for people like me to stick with a career mode in the "world" of Fifa instead of starting from scratch every time you want to play with ... Read more »

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