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FIFA 16: Club names to be removed

Yeah, I basically stopped trying to convince the community that all of this is good. The community is in bad shape right now - massive bitching about every change (many of which were suggested before all of this started as positive change). One huge problem is that all the YouTubers rail against every little change and warp perceptions. As posted before, it's a bit shameless, as they know it's their ill-begotten revenue stream taking huge hits, so they lash out and try to make people hate EA. But I do find it humorous when they follow up "THE END OF FUT" video with "TOP 10 GOALS" video. They're not biting the hand that feeds, they're trying to know it off for some unknown reason.

I was really sceptical about the price ranges at first and I still am. However you can't deny the fact that EA has done a good job so far to prevent coin selling.

I appreciate this, although in my opinion they still need to update the price ranges more frequently for them to work out it the long run. I can see a process though, maybe they'll update more often in the future.

you should read this guys comment, he summed it up pretty well. Both changes go hand in hand...


I'm sure there wouldn't be more than one Loic Remy, listed for 3 days for 5 million, with 17 contracts, 81 fitness, 17 games played with 14 goals, 4 assists and 1 yellow card. Easy example how coin selling would work then...

Lob through balls and sprint dribbling is OP
Sprint dribbling gets patched, but now defense is too easy.
Scripting and handicapping exists now apparently

Coin sellers are ruining the market and EA hasnt done shit about it
Price bands are ruining the market

Changing club names doesn't do shit because this game isn't perfect yet.
I'm not saying some of these complaints Fifa 16 coins android. GK AI can be shit (honestly this affects me 1 out 10 games), price bands screwed a lot of people, servers have been bad for some people, and a few other things. But in the end, someone will always find something to bitch about. 

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