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I would love a "Be A Manager" type of mode. I know career mode is basically this, but I don't have any attachment to the manager himself. I'm playing career mode for the team and rarely do I jump teams.

I'd love to be able to design a manager's features the way you do with with a Pro in Be A Pro, even down to appearance. Perhaps even going so far as to develop a backstory (former professional or not, position, disposition, what level of play, etc.). This could be combined with certain skill trees and abilities like contract negotiation, youth recruitment, tactical knowledge, negotiating with the board, talking to the media, player training, and you could hire your own staff that you could bring with you when you move on to bigger things.

I just think it would give more incentive for people like me to stick with a career mode in the "world" of Fifa instead of starting from scratch every time you want to play with ... Read more »

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