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FIFA 16: how to improve manager mode

Now, Fifa 16 have shown the biggest and newest stuff about their gameplay. But what I am really curious about is wether they heavily improved their manager mode or need more fifa ultimate coins.

If they had done this, do you think they would include this in the "What's new" part they are doing now? Or do you guys think this will be revealed at a later stage?

If anyone has the memory to think back to earlier Fifa releases, if they did announce new stuff (gamemode wise) in the early stages, or if they did announce these later.

I will be buying Fifa 16 nontheless, but I am super excited for Manager mode and I really hope that they have taken the time to improve it. (If anyone remembers fut16coin was the OP of a post a while back that was making a lot of suggestions on what Fifa 16 could improve for manager-mode. It was on the front-page for a little while this just check last line to confirm that I am the same guy if you are skeptical. I switched my main reddit-account.)

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